YouTube has finally delivered the good news in Android after iOS. With the latest update, YouTube got Android 4K support.



YouTube, the world’s most popular video streaming platform, is here with an extremely important update. 4K support, which was introduced months ago on the iOS side, has finally been made available in Android. So what will YouTube Android 4K support do for us? We seem to hear you ask this question. Let’s answer right away.

As we all know, today, mobile devices with a 4K screen are extremely rare. For this reason, it is not known, but the YouTube Android application has allowed the highest resolution of 2K until now.

However, with the new update released, even if your phone’s screen is not 4K, you will be able to play it from your mobile devices with 2160p, ie 4K resolution with 60 frames support. Although such an increase in resolution will be considered as unnecessary data transfer, there is a noticeable increase in image quality due to the high bit rate of 4K videos.

Of course, it is important that the processor of your mobile device is also a little strong. So it is hardly expected to show 4K video from an entry-level model. If your mobile device provides the necessary hardware, you can update your YouTube application on the Play Store and enjoy 4K videos.


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