Bankera, a fintech company focused on serving blockchain businesses, recently announced that it supports SEPA Instant payments. As of last month, both personal and business customers can enjoy instant transfers from over 2,300 banks and financial institutions within the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. This feature is vital for crypto businesses – instant bank transfers will make it easy to keep up with the ever-changing crypto market.



First, SEPA allows instant deposits and withdrawals within which businesses are much more attractive to users than others. Second, it allows to manage fiat liquidity more efficiently, as funds between various cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity providers can be moved instantly.

“One of the most important advantages of cryptocurrency transactions is almost instant payments. With SEPA Instant, crypto businesses can expand their services by instantly offering fiat currency to their customers. Vytautas Karalevičius, co-founder of Bankera:

Since the most important thing in the crypto space is to be able to capture fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices, being able to transfer money to a currency account instantly is a great advantage.

At Bankera, crypto businesses can obtain a multi-currency account with a special IBAN to make SEPA and SWIFT payments at highly competitive prices. In addition, Bankera offers flexible and high-limit Visa business cards that allow them to pay various business expenses such as marketing, hosting and other services where card payments are accepted.

In addition to traditional payment services, Bankera also offers card printing, BIN sponsorship, virtual IBANs, and customized full-scale white label solutions. Bankera helps various digital businesses upgrade their existing customers with new traditional payment channels such as cards and IBANs, or start developing their own fintech solutions without building their infrastructure from scratch.

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Bankera’s solutions are supported by Pervesk, an electronic money institution authorized by the Central Bank of Lithuania. In addition to SEPA Instant, Pervesk became the main member of the Visa network last December.

Bankera aims to be the bank of the blockchain era and is actively working to create an ecosystem of products and services that will encompass the best of both traditional finance and the crypto economy.


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