Mozilla prevents third-party tracking by offering super cookie protection with Firefox 85.Firefox 85 version has been officially released by Mozilla.

With the new update, users are offered super cookie protection, better bookmark management and the option to delete all your logins saved in the password manager with a single click. Note that the update is the first Firefox version that does not offer support for Adobe Flash, which is at the end of its life.

First of all, the browser, which already has strong measures to prevent third parties from tracking, is now starting to block super cookies as well. Super cookies are cookies that are used to track users online but are hidden from the browser. Even after clearing the browser’s cookies, they can continue to stay in the system. Firefox 85, on the other hand, isolates super cookies so that the user cannot be tracked and profiled when switching from one website to another.

An important visual change is happening in the bookmarks bar. The bookmarks bar will now continue to appear in new tabs even if it is hidden. Mozilla shares that this is the default setting but can be hidden from the new tabs page if not desired. A new folder in the toolbar provides access to the bookmarks menu. Last change is the ability to delete all saved login information with the click of a button. As you know, the list had to be manually deleted one by one before.

The update can be done automatically. To do this manually, you need to go to Help and select About Firefox. You can also visit the Firefox website for the latest version.


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