Firefox 86 version stands out with its Full Cookie Protection feature that will prevent you from being tracked.

Firefox 86 version has been released by Mozilla, which offers new features including Full Cookie Protection. Full Cookie Protection is built in Advanced Tracking Protection (ETP) Strict Mode and can create a jar of cookies for every website you visit. In other words, tracking cookies are limited to the site where they are created so that you are not tracked. Thus, viewers cannot follow you on the web.

It should be noted that cookies are not used for tracking purposes only and some of them are necessary for a website to function properly. On the cross-site cookies side, which are required for non-tracking purposes, Firefox can create a temporary exemption so that your experience is not damaged. This new feature comes just one month after Firefox introduced protections against super cookies, a more flexible tracking tool.

The update also adds support for viewing several videos in Picture-in-Picture mode and allows you to watch multiple content. In addition, the Print functionality offers a cleaner design and better integration with your computer’s settings. Of course, more performance improvements are also a benefit of the new version.

With the update, canvas drawing and WebGL drawing have also been made to be rendered with the GPU. This change makes the browser more successful in performing these tasks. At the same time, it is aimed to make the browser more stable and to experience less crashes.

You can immediately get the latest version on the Firefox website. However, you can expect your browser to be updated automatically, or you can update manually from the Help> About Firefox menu.

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