With Firefox 85 coming on January 25, it will be easier for Android users to install third-party extensions.

Firefox is one of the few mobile browsers that support third-party extensions. Until now, mobile users could only install extensions from the Extensions Manager, creating confusion for those used to desktop loading. With the latest update to the browser, installing third-party extensions will be much easier.

Extensions can be installed more easily
With Firefox 85, which will be released on January 25, Firefox for Android users will be able to download supported extensions directly from addons.mozilla.org. Mozilla hopes this update will give mobile users a much smoother installation experience when trying out extensions.

With Firefox 85, Android users will be able to directly install supported recommendation extensions. The Web Archives extension allows users to view archived and cached versions of web pages in more than 10 search engines.

Other extension offers include Ghostery, a privacy extension; Dark Reader, which provides dark mode for websites; There are extensions such as Search by Image, which is a reverse image search tool.



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