The first 10 minutes of the restored version of 1980’s The Elephant Man, directed by master director David Lynch, was released.

You remember the 1980 movie The Elephant Man, directed by David Lynch, which was engraved in our memories with its use of icons, its complex narrative style and interesting characters. This movie, which Lynch made three years after Eraserhead, where he stepped into the cinema; He received a total of 8 Academy Award nominations, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay.

The film, which took the audience to London in the 19th century and is known for the life of Joseph Merrick, known for the nickname Fil Man, attracted attention especially with the successful performance of John Hurt. John Hurt, who underwent a big change for the role, successfully played Joseph Merrick, who lived a life full of pain and suffering due to his appearance under a heavy makeup; He had great difficulties during the shootings because of the excessive makeup applied to look like Merrick.

First 10 Minutes of The Restored Version of The Elephant Man Released
The Elephant Man, starring John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins, is about the relationship between Joseph Merrick, who had a hard life, and the doctor Frederick Treves, who tried to save Merrick from his terrible life. The film, which examines the psychology of Joseph Merrick in the face of events, is among the most valuable films in the history of cinema.

Last January, StudioCanal announced that it will show the restored 4K version of the movie due to the 40th anniversary of The Elephant Man. StudioCanal, which recently made a little surprise to the fans of the movie, was released in the first 10 minutes from the restored version of The Elephant Man from its YouTube account.

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You can watch the first 10 minutes published from the restored version of the film, which is a question of whether it will be shown in cinemas in its new form in the future. to


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