News came from the first DLC pack of Minecraft Dungeons, which Mojang recently presented to players. The game’s first big DLC, called Jungle Awakens, will meet with players in June.

Minecraft Dungeons, Microsoft’s new game Mojang, was released this week for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. The game, which can be accessed from the first day on Xbox Games Pass, is also sold for those who do not have a Game Pass subscriber.

Even though it has been a very short time since the game came out, the developer team continues to work hard on the game. The team said in the published blog post that the game had very good reactions and more content related to the game would come. The first major DLC published for the game on this subject will be Jungle Awakens, which will be released in July.

First big DLC ​​of Minecraft Dungeons is coming

In the story of Jungle Awakens, the first DLC of the game to be released in July; They will fight a mysterious force in a distant, dangerous forest. The DLC will offer players new weapons, armor, and structures, as well as three new missions to handle. Creeping Winter, the second DLC of the game to be released this year, will take players to the frozen summits. More detailed information on the second DLC will be released in the coming days.

The game’s developer studio Mojang has announced that they are still working on cross-platform gameplay and will also offer free content to all players.

So, have you played Minecraft Dungeons? What are your thoughts on the game? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.


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