Adult Swim shared the first footage from the season while Rick and Morty’s 5th season is still on for a long time. The shared video showed how a Rick and Morty episode that was just being worked on looked like.

Rick and Morty, who started his broadcasting life in 2013 with a season of 11 episodes, came across with only 4 seasons, even though 7 years have passed. However, this unique series, in which we can have a new season every two years, finally took its place on the screens with its fourth season at the end of 2019.

Season 4 of Rick and Morty, like the other three seasons, managed to collect positive comments from its audience and fans. Of course, as always, the rope of a new season started to be drawn impatiently. Adult Swim shared a small episode from the 5th season, even though it was a long time to meet the new season.

The first video from the 5th season of Rick and Morty:

Sharing by Adult Swim shows just 2 minutes of Rick and Morty’s dozens of adventures in season 5. However, as can be seen in the video, the animations of the new season are still under construction. So much so that the world of Rick and Morty looks like a coloring book.

But this reveals how much fun Rick and Morty can be even in this state. In the video we see, Rick and Morty are trying to return to your planet from a battered world. Even though Morty allows them to escape from this world, they are heading towards death at full speed as their vehicles are damaged.

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Meanwhile, Morty is looking for Jessica, who has been chasing her for a long time but has never been able to reveal her feelings, and explains her feelings to her. We don’t know if it’s a different universe, and Jessica brings Morty back to Morty’s desire to live by saying that I wish you had said it before.

Let us remind you that the sixth season of Rick and Morty has not been announced yet, exactly when we will meet. Of course, it is worth mentioning the fact that we have to wait about 3 more years to reach season 6.


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