The first in-game images of the Battlefield 6 game, which is expected to be announced this week, have been leaked.

As you may remember, Tom Henderson, known for his accurate leaks on Call of Duty games, claimed that Battlefield 6 will be introduced this week. At the same time, Henderson, who shared some draft drawings of the Battlefield 6 trailer with the players in the past weeks, also suggested that the new Battlefield game will be discussed 10 years from today.

While all these allegations were circulating, two new screenshots allegedly belonging to the new BF game leaked to the internet today. With the leaked visuals, we see that the game takes place in modern times and will even host a futuristic theme. Apart from that, we witness that these in-game images, which are served by reliable sources, overlap with the draft images shared recently.

In addition, when we continue to examine the shared screenshots, a scene from the helicopter cockpit welcomes us. This scene shows that the new game of the series will feature dynamic weather events. Of course, it should be noted that there is no official statement from both DICE and EA sides about these leaked in-game images for now. However, according to sources close to the developer studio, the new Battlefield game is expected to be officially announced this week.

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