iPhone 14  News: The first information came about the iPhone 14 family, which Apple will introduce next year. All of the screens will rise to the expected level.


Apple was criticized for using a 60 Hz display in the iPhone 12 family. Apple, which will only use a 120 Hz LTPO display on the iPhone 13 in Pro and Pro Max models, seems to break its taboos only in 2022. The first leak about the iPhone 14 family, which will be introduced in September of 2022, came today.

iPhone 14 family will come with 120 Hz display

According to the information received, all models of the iPhone 14 will have a 120 Hz ProMotion display. This screen, which will use LTPO technology, will have an OLED panel. Apple, which only switched to the OLED panel with the iPhone X, was able to maximize this panel with its own technologies. Apple, which I expect to use XDR display technology in all iPhones in the coming years, can agree with three companies on the screen.

Apple, which will agree with Samsung, LG and maybe BOE on the screen, will distribute segments of screens to different companies. Probably the mini model will be produced by BOE, while other models will be produced by Samsung and LG. As you know, BOE and Apple have wanted to negotiate for years, but BOE did not meet Apple’s standards. Due to the increasing demand, BOE is expected to break new ground and produce panels for iPhones.

In Apple new models; It will feature 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch screens in the mini and main models, and 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens on the Pro and Pro Max. It is also said that these models, which will be powered by the Apple A16 or Apple M series processor, will also use an under-screen camera and fingerprint reader.

Let’s see if Apple, which follows Android phones 1-2 years behind in terms of some features, can reveal its old revolutionary spirit again in 2022. We’ll wait and see.


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