A security researcher spotted the first malware designed for Apple processors.
The first Apple processor malware was discovered by independent security researcher Patrick Wardle.

While talking about the security of the 5 nm Apple M1 processor, the emergence of such malware is of course a bit annoying development.

First of all, let’s also point out that Wardle is a former NSA security researcher. He says that the hackers have recompiled the malware called GoSearch22.app. This software also stands out as the first native malware for M1 Mac models. The current version aims to display ads and also to collect the user’s browser data. Malicious code will evolve as Apple continues to develop its proprietary silicon and software. In this sense, malware can also be for the redesigned MacBook Pro models, which are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2021.

Wardle also shares that anti-virus tools used to detect malware on Intel-based Macs cannot detect GoSearch22.app on M1 models. On the other hand, perhaps this problem can be eliminated if anti-virus tools upgrade their databases to detect new malware. Wardle also states that it can no longer work due to Apple revoking the developer’s certificate. Whether Apple has approved this code is also unknown due to the revocation of the developer certificate.

Mac users with Apple processors have not yet reported a situation of seeing unusual ads. Let’s see if such a situation will be reported by users in the next period.


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