Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, which has been the subject of leak news for a long time, has been approved by the company’s CEO.

The first concrete step was taken today regarding the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 model, which has been expected for about two years. While the new model of the series was curious by users, the company’s CEO made the first official statement that the Mi Mix 4 would be announced.

As you know, Lu Weibing, General Manager of Redmi, gave the signal of the new Mi Mix model with his statement on Weibo.

After all these events, Xiaomi’s CEO confirmed Lu Weibing’s statements. Stating that the Mi Mix 4 model will be announced this year, CEO Lei Jun also gave the good news that the new generation model will bring all technological innovations together.

The CEO, who is afraid to give details about the new model of the series, also confirmed that they are working on a tablet. Stating that they will offer pen support to users for the first time with this tablet model, the CEO unfortunately did not make any detailed explanation about this model.

However, according to the information obtained by sources close to Xiaomi, this model is expected to be named Xiaomi Mi Pad 5. For now, it hasn’t revealed when it will be introduced on both models. However, it is predicted that Xiaomi will share more information about the Mi Mix 4 and Mi Pad 5 models with users in the coming days.


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