UAE’s Mars probe Umut has sent its highly anticipated first photo. Placing Hope in orbit of the Red Planet on Tuesday, UAE made history as the fifth country to reach Mars.

The ‘Hope’ probe, which the United Arab Emirates placed in orbit of Mars on February 9, delivered the first Red Planet photo it took to Earth today. It is possible to see many interesting details of the planet in Umut’s first Mars photo.

The hope probe took the photo above, about 24,700 kilometers from the surface of Mars on Wednesday. Since the probe is placed in a distant orbit around Mars, we can see the planet as a complete disk in the photo. The UAE’s greatest aim in the Hope mission was to examine in detail the weather and climate systems of Mars. Scientists therefore placed the probe in a large orbit. As you normally know, other countries place Mars probes in close orbits to better view the surface.

The Hope probe is currently located in a temporary orbit with its nearest point 1000km to the surface and 50,000km from its furthest point. However, in the coming weeks, this trajectory will change and the probe will shift to its original target orbit, 22,000km-43,000km.

We see the north pole in the upper left part of the shared photo. Just in the middle of the border separating day and night is Olympus Mons, the Solar System’s highest mountain and volcano. On the right side of the border, we see Mars’ famous shield volcanoes Ascraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons and Arsia Mons lined up.

Avatar United Arab Emirates giant mars journey begins tonight
Olympus Mons is a bit difficult to see:

UAE researchers, who made a statement about the photo on Twitter, said, “The arrival of the first Mars photo of the Hope probe to Earth will be the beginning of a new era in our history. It is a historical moment when the UAE is among the developed countries interested in space research. Your mission is all about Mars. We hope it will lead to new discoveries that will benefit humanity. ” used the expressions.

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With the mission of Hope, scientists aim to examine the atmosphere of Mars in detail for the first time in history. It is aimed to follow the changes in weather and climate on a daily basis. The Hope mission will provide scientists with invaluable data about the Martian atmosphere.

The hope probe has three main equipment. The first of these is a high resolution camera. Photographs of the surface of Mars will be taken with this camera and the water ice will be searched. The second major equipment is an advanced infrared spectrometer designed to measure dust and water vapors in the lower atmosphere. Finally, the third major equipment will be an ultraviolet spectrometer that will examine the composition of the upper atmosphere.

The Hope mission was developed under the leadership of the Rashid Space Center. However, UAE scientists also partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder, University of California Berkeley and Arizona State University for the historical mission. The three main equipment of the hope probe, which we mentioned above, were developed in these universities.

We know that Mars had a much denser atmosphere in the past and even huge seas on its surface. But within billions of years, the planet has lost this dense atmosphere and the massive bodies of water on its surface. It is predicted that the mission of hope can shed light on this evolution as well.


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