The new PUBG Mobile game was officially announced with the published promotional video.If you remember, in January, Krafton was claimed to be working on PUBG Mobile 2 as well as a new PUBG game for console and PC.

Following this claim that excited the fans of the series, the official announcement expected from the developer studio came today. In this direction, the studio announced the new PUBG Mobile game called PUBG: New State, which it has been working on for a while.

Krafton Inc. and the game developed by PUBG Studio is set in 2051, as previously stated. In the production, which includes a huge map called TROI, players encounter brand new vehicles as well as new technologies such as drones. In addition, the production, which has a futuristic theme, also includes new generation weapons and equipment.

It is also noted that the game, which is said to host more advanced graphics compared to the first game of the series, will offer players a unique experience in this respect.

For now, it has not been announced when the new game will be released. However, it is stated that the production in question will be published for Android and iOS devices in 2021.


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