First data for 2020 5G phone sales figures started to come. The fastest connection technology of today, 5G, as it is known, has been used in some countries. Firms also aim for success in these countries.

Many brands have started working in this area and have launched their products on the market. But it was also wondering what Apple would do for this area. There was news about it

5G phone sales favor Samsung                                                                                  5G supported models started to attract more attention in smart phones. Firms started using processors to support this connection technology in their flagship models. When we look at the prominent companies in the sales, we come across Samsung and Huawei. Currently, Samsung’s smartphone sales figures are also high.

Looking at the market share rates of 5G phone sales, Samsung 34.4 percent, Huawei 33.2 percent, Vivo 12 percent, Xiaomi 10.4 percent, Oppo 5 percent and other models 5 percent.

Samsung held 53.9 percent of its market share last year. The number of phone sales was around 6.7 million.

Looking at the sales figures, it is noteworthy that the difference between Samsung and Huawei is small. In the first three months of 2020, Samsung sold 8.3 million 5G phones, while Huawei sold 8 million.

When we look at other brands, Vivo sold 2.9 million units, Xiaomi 2.5 million units, Oppo 1.2 million units and other brands sold 1.2 million smartphones. When we add these values, it is seen that 24.1 million phones were sold in the 3-month period for 2020 5G phone sales.

With lower costs and commissioning of 5G technology in more countries, an increase in sales is expected.


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