The HarmonyOS operating system began to spread among other smart products. The first refrigerator working with the new operating system was introduced.


When HarmonyOS was introduced, we saw that one of the main features of the operating system was the interaction between all smart devices in the home and other environment. A new one has been added to these smart products we mentioned and the first refrigerator working with the HarmonyOS operating system has been officially introduced.

Since the refrigerator announced by the Midea brand in China is a smart product, it offers various features to the user. Chief among these are touch interactions that convey details about the freshness of the ingredients inside the refrigerator. When you buy the refrigerator, “What should I cook?” you also get rid of the trouble to a great extent; because the product offers you many options in this regard.

One of the smart refrigerator’s capabilities is to create a special humidity-controlled area that adjusts to the type of food stored inside. This provides a special zero-degree area that eliminates the need to defrost meat-based products. This area also keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

The refrigerator with the HarmonyOS operating system has a volume of 603 liters, 194 liters of which are deep freezers. The device also stands out with its energy efficiency. The refrigerator is currently priced at Yuan 7,999 (approximately $1,250 USD) at Huawei Mall, but is currently available for purchase at a special discount of Yuan 6,999 (approximately $1,100).


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