First information about Samsung Galaxy S20 sales appeared. The Galaxy S20 family, introduced about two weeks ago, seems to have lagged behind expectations, at least for now. Especially when compared to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 sales, it does not go unnoticed that there is a serious sales difference.

Although it is not officially on the shelves in the US and European market, the first results about the Galaxy S20 sales came from the South Korean market. In this context, 70,800 Galaxy S20 sales were made by Samsung on the first day.

Galaxy S20 sales could not start well
By comparison, Galaxy S10 sales managed to outstrip 140,000 dams in the first 24 hours last year. Likewise, the Galaxy Note 10 sales exceeded the 220,000 limit. Compared to the previous models, it can be said that Samsung has experienced a decline in sales of Galaxy S20 for now.

Of course, it is not entirely true to say that only price policy or the effect of new models are among the reasons why initial sales data are not positive. Because it is known that there is a general decrease in smartphone sales due to Corona virus epidemic.

The Galaxy S20 prices did not reveal a very optimistic picture for Samsung, with many analysis companies showing the reason. Reviews about the price of the Galaxy S20 were coming up. Adding the effects of the Corona virus to this, it is concluded that both retail and online sales are far behind previous models.

Along with the sales in Europe and the United States, how the table was shaped became a matter of curiosity. The information that will continue to come in the coming days will clearly summarize the future of Galaxy S20 models. There may be updates to the Galaxy S20 price in the coming periods.


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