Everything is fine with the helicopter Ingenuity, which landed on Mars with Perseverance. NASA researchers have confirmed that they received the first signals from the helicopter.

Ingenuity, the first helicopter to land on Mars, sent its first signal to Earth. Making statements on the subject, NASA scientists announced that Ingenuity, which is connected to Perseverance on the surface of the Red Planet, is in very good health and preparations have started for the first flight trial.

Ingenuity sent its first signal via the orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite. “Everything looks fine on both Perseverance and Ingenuity sides. Tomorrow we will start charging the helicopter’s batteries,” said Tim Canham, the helicopter’s operation leader. used the expressions.

Ingenuity, which receives its energy from solar cells, will fill its batteries at the level of 30% in the first stage. NASA researchers will then perform analyzes according to the incoming signals and switch to progressive charging processes. The goal of the researchers is to keep the Ingenuity warm until the first flight.

Ingenuity’s first flight is expected in March or April. Making a statement on the subject, NASA said, “If Ingenuity can smoothly bypass the first Mars nights when the temperature reaches -90 degrees Celsius, our team will start the first flight attempt in another world. The fact that Ingenuity succeeds in taking off alone means the completion of 90% of our goals in the project.” used the expressions.

Weighing just 1.8 kilograms, Ingenuity has to spin its propellers 10 times faster than a helicopter on Earth (2400 RPM) due to the incredibly thin atmosphere on Mars. Considering Ingenuity only as a first step, NASA thinks that if this mission is successful, the exploration process of Mars will accelerate tremendously. In the future, we can see dozens of helicopters fly exploration on Mars based on the technologies used in Ingenuity.

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