The Chinese firm is spending time at its TENAA offices for its new flagship killer Xiaomi models. Earlier today, the Black Shark model was approved by the official, and all three new phones came out with pictures. However, the technical features of these models are not yet available. Probably two Redmi models from the Redmi K40 series and a revamped Mi 10 device with a Snapdragon 870 chipset that looks like the Mi 10 Ultra.



The two Redmi models come with another interesting camera design. Two large lenses placed vertically and two sensors sitting horizontally in two small holes between them. Next to the rectangular frame is a simple double LED flash.

The original Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra (also known as Commemorative Edition in China) came with the Snapdragon 865 chipset and they never took this model out of the domestic market. That’s why this model has been called “one of the best smartphones you can’t buy.” Hopefully, this new phone will finally be available worldwide.

The Redmi K40 phones will be unveiled on February 25th, but we still have no information about the final launch of the Mi phone.


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