Popular social media platform Twitter announced that it will remove harmful, erroneous and misleading information about new types of corona virus (Covid-19) vaccines from next week.


Flash decision on Covid-19 vaccine from Twitter!

Twitter, one of the world’s leading social media platforms, announced that it will remove harmful and misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines with a new statement it made last day.

Stating that importance and priority will be given to this issue, Twitter stated that it will be implemented as of next week. It was also stated that from the beginning of 2021, the said posts could be labeled with expressions such as “false rumor”, “controversial claim”, “missing or out of scope information”.

In the continuation of the explanation; Stating that Covid-19 vaccines are aimed at controlling the world population and harming the population, claiming that Covid-19 is not real or has no serious effect, stating that the vaccine has no positive effect, or making disproved claims about the positive effect of the vaccine, the vaccine is therefore unnecessary. It was stated that all posts that defend that they are

On the other hand, according to the shares of the “Worldometers” website, where Covid-19 data were collected and compiled, the total number of cases detected in the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide was approximately 75 million, and more than 1.5 million people died due to the virus.


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