Telegram, one of today’s most popular messaging applications, brings video calls to the Android platform. Update is on its way.


Telegram, which has millions of players all over the world, comes to the fore with new developments. There is good news from the user-winning application that WhatsApp lost with its scandalous privacy policy. As you know, there are options such as video calls in many messaging applications today. Here, the popular messaging application is preparing to pave the way for video calls. The platform, which frequently presents various innovations with the updates it receives, is preparing to sign a successful update again. It has been revealed that the feature, which is offered as a beta on the iOS platform, will soon be offered to Android users.

The popular messaging app is preparing to offer its users a brand new feature. The application, which will soon offer the video call feature to users, will also look for ways to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Telegram Prepares to Introduce Video Call Feature

The messaging application, which has millions of users, is working on innovations. The application, which has increased its audience like crazy for the last 5 months, is also working on innovations. According to the current information we have received, the popular application offered the video call option in beta on the iOS platform. The leaked details will also be available with the 7.8.0 beta for the Android platform of the video call option. It is stated that each participant in the voice chat can now start video from the webcam and broadcast their screen at the same time. This feature, which is currently in beta on the iOS side, will soon be available to Android users as well.


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