The expectations that Apple will release foldable iPhone in the near future are increasing. Samsung Display and LG Display are developing prototypes with the company.

Apple, which is a long-term OLED display partnership with Samsung, has also started working on the foldable iPhone model. It is stated that a supply partnership with LG Display as well as Samsung is on the table.

Studies continue
Foldable screens have started to find a place for themselves in the smartphone market, especially with the influence of Samsung. Manufacturers are entering the foldable phone concept, at least on a project basis. Apple is one of them.

Apple has been known to have been working on foldable screens for a long time. According to the information received, a special team was established within LG Display and Apple was in contact with Apple on the foldable iPhone.

In fact, the LG Display subsidiary had previously worked with Apple for the foldable OLED prototype, but it seems that the company has taken more than one project on its agenda because it did not make a clear decision.

On the other hand, Samsung Display has been working with Apple for a while on a foldable screen project. In this regard, Apple is thought to evaluate projects from two different sources. Since there will be more than one model in the near future, it can supply from both companies. There is no clear date for the foldable iPhone yet.


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