The foldable iPhone, which will be Apple’s new product, will surprise everyone with its release date. The new iPhone will not appear before 2024.



Apple, which is currently preparing to make a special launch for March, will present two different technological products in addition to the new iPad model at this launch. While the brand that stopped the production of the iPhone 12 Mini is disappointed with its sales, it aims to make you forget this failure as soon as possible with the new launch. The new iPad Pro model, which is expected to be launched in March, will be the most popular innovation. The company, which continues to work on the foldable iPhone model, will surprise everyone.

The foldable iPhone first came up with leaks, and then it was confirmed by Apple. The company, which has obtained various patents for the new phone model, will make a difference to its competitors in the coming period with screens with high refresh rate. While not much information is shared about the new phone model today, brand new details continue to be leaked to the internet. The new information leaked today has quite a striking detail. The release date of the new phone model seems quite surprising.


Foldable iPhone Will Not Appear Before 2024

Yes, you read our subtitle correctly. According to the information we have obtained from the developments leaked in South Korea, the new phone model will not appear before 2024. Leaks state that Apple is undecided about when to launch the new phone model, while some sources say the company may launch the first foldable device in 2023. South Korean sources do not contain any information that the new phone will be released in 2023, but it is stated that the phone is planned for 2024. The company, which closely follows the market share of foldable phones, will use OLED screens instead of LCD panels. Incoming information underlines that OLED screens will most likely be used in new devices.


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