Huawei introduced the two foldable models that it released before this model to users in February last year. According to sources, the new Mate X2 will follow the same thing and will be available to users at the end of February. According to a person working at Weibo, the new foldable phone will be available very soon with a 5nm chipset and “New impressive technologies”.



The Mate X2 will be powered by the Kirin 9000, a 5nm chipset. The phone has already been confirmed on TENAA with an 8-inch foldable display. However, the expectations are for it to fold out, not inwards. Huawei is already planning to bring a secondary panel to this model. The Mate X2 will be the only foldable smartphone to implement the Royole and new Flexpai outward design.

The features of the new future model are as follows; It will come with an 8.01 inch 2480 × 2200 pixel main screen. The secondary screen of the Mate X2 will offer 6.45 inches in size and a resolution of 2700 × 1160 pixels. The disappointment with the Mate X2 is that it will have a 4,400 mAh battery and offer 66W fast charging.

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Editor’s Comment

We see that the news about foldable devices is increasing day by day. Is this news now to prepare people for foldable devices? It doesn’t make you think. We have no doubt that foldable devices are the technology of the future, so now gradually smart phone manufacturers are preparing us for the future with these models. At Huawei, we see that this model compensates for some errors and problems compared to the models it released last year. We no longer think we should give foldable devices a chance.


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