Samsung, which produces foldable smartphones, draws attention again. It looks like the name of the foldable Samsung phone has finally been revealed.



In 2021, 5 million foldable smartphones are expected to be launched on the market. The pioneer of this field seems to be the South Korean company Samsung. The company, which has not been on the agenda with updates and smartphone news for weeks, has now come to the agenda with foldable phones. The company, which will reveal the touch keys with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, leaked the prototype to the internet yesterday. Of course, we shared the leaks with you instantly and informed you about the developments. Today, it came up with the name of the foldable Samsung phone. Let’s take the guesswork.

The name of the new phone of the company, which is preparing to mark the foldable smartphone industry, has finally been announced. The highly anticipated smartphone model will take its place on the shelves during the year. The company, which has not yet shared detailed information, has not approved the name of its new phone.

Foldable Samsung Phone Name Leaked

With the new details emerging today, we learned that the name of the company’s new phone will be Z Slider. The foldable phone, which will probably be referred to as the Galaxy Z Slider, will also have different variants. At least the predictions so far are in that direction. In addition, it is stated that the company’s first foldable phone may come next year, not this year. While we are waiting for the announcement of the device this year, it was stated that foreign sources could be announced in 2022. As we continue to catch new information about the phone that we anticipate with curiosity, we will also include our news.


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