Sources close to Nokia have announced that the famous firm is working on a foldable smartphone model and the project is still in development. Whether Nokia can finance such a project is a matter of curiosity.

Nokia Anew, a reliable source of information about Nokia, has tweeted about ‘Nokia Mobile’, a project that HMD Global has been running for the past four years. According to its sources, the foldable Nokia phone project is still alive and continues to be developed. This information does not mean that we will soon see a foldable smartphone with the Nokia logo. However, we can conclude that Nokia Mobile still has financial power to develop such a device. Some users have warned Nokia Anew that “the model you are talking about must be a smartphone”; because the Nokia 2720 was also a foldable phone.

Foldable smartphone models now seem to be reserved for the most powerful smartphone manufacturers. These phones are very expensive and fragile for now, making them available only for a specific reason; show! Nobody wants to carry the Huawei Mate X in their pocket or bag. Due to the softness of the protective plastic layer on top of the foldable screen, the screen is likely to collapse.

The only foldable smartphone that can be classified as handy seems to be Motorola Razr right now; however, this model is also insufficient in many respects and is also expensive. If Nokia Mobile will follow the design of the Nokia Communicator, the durability of the screen can be increased. But the question is how long the phone can last without any hinges or any dust related problems. And of course, whether Nokia Mobile can finance this project.

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If the phone goes into mass production, it may be possible to see it at the Mobile World Congress (MWC21).

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