Ford joined the list of manufacturers planning to sell only electric vehicles in the European market. The US company announced that by 2030, it will only include electric models in its product range.

Strict emission rules, especially in the European market, direct automotive manufacturers to electricity. In this context, Ford announced that by 2030, its product range in Europe will consist of fully electric vehicles.

The company will invest a large amount of $ 1 billion in its facility located in Cologne, Germany in the next 30 months. Thus, the Cologne facility will become the US manufacturer’s first electric vehicle production base in Europe. Ford’s first fully electric passenger car to be produced in Europe will be produced at this factory from 2023. In addition, the second model is planned to be produced in this factory.

If you remember, there is a strategic cooperation between Ford and Volkswagen. In this context, Ford will release some models using the German partner’s MEB electric vehicle platform. Stuart Rowley, who is responsible for Ford’s European operations, stated that the model to be off-line at the factory in Cologne will be Volkswagen’s first model to use the MEB platform.

In the statement made by Ford, it was noted that electric alternatives of all passenger models in Europe will be offered in 2026, and 2-thirds of commercial vehicle sales will be electric in 2030. Since January 2022 the power to be produced by Ford Otosan in Turkey Transit also the important parts of this target.


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