Ford, one of the giant brands of the automotive industry, announced that it will use Android operating system in its cars’ infotainment system from 2023.

Automotive giant Ford announced that millions of vehicles will use Google’s Android operating system in the infotainment system by 2023.

The American company will make Google Assistant, Google Maps and other Google applications available to Ford owners without the need for a smartphone connection.

It is stated that these features will also be included in the vehicles of the Lincoln brand owned by Ford. Deep Android integration will provide great convenience to driver and passengers.

To be used on all vehicles except China
The car’s settings such as air conditioning can be controlled via Google Assistant. In addition, new features can be added to the infotainment system thanks to software updates.

These functions will be available on all Ford and Lincoln branded vehicles, except for cars made for China, where the use of Google services is prohibited.


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