Samsung is preparing to appear on January 14 with the new generation flagship Galaxy S21. We shared with you all the details of what the phone will offer us. One of the most curious things is the design of the phone. Apparently; Samsung Infinty-O will continue the display and the Galaxy S21 series will be no different from the Galaxy S20 when viewed from the front. The main difference seems to be experienced in the Galaxy Note 21 model.



Because in a video released as part of the CES 2021 event, a new phone from Samsung appeared. We were able to clearly understand that this phone is the Note 21 from the size and shape of the phone. We understood, but there was a difference. Because we have seen the first visual of Galaxy Note 21 with the under-screen camera, which has been an urban legend in the mobile market for a long time. We share the video below. We can clearly see the phone in the 21st second of the second minute of the video. Let’s watch it together.

As you can see, Samsung is preparing to offer us something different. If you are thinking of buying a Galaxy S21, it may be necessary to wait for a while and evaluate whether this image will be real. Because Samsung can revolutionize the mobile market with its new generation Note family. The under-screen camera phone is currently officially sold by ZTE, but the pixel loss is noticeable where the front camera of this phone is. Samsung may have overcome this problem with its technology. We can say that Galaxy Note 21 will be the first real phone with under-screen camera.

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Of course, if this technology was not used by OPPO and Xiaomi before …


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