During the summer version of the Steam Game Festival, news about the games to be presented to the players began to come. It was announced by the publisher company Dino Digital, that the demo of Forgotten Fields will be playable during the festival.

Days before the Steam Game Festival, which will take place in the summer, begins to come with information about new games. It is known that the new games to be released at the festival, which will be held between 9 and 14 June 2020, will be celebrated with demos and live events. The festival, where players can try the playable short parts of the games that will be released in late 2020 or next year, will contact the game developers, and add them to their wish lists so as not to forget the games they like.

Today, the publisher firm Dino Digital has provided new news and announced that the demo of the narrative adventure type game Forgotten Fields, developed by Frostwood Interactive, will be available during the festival in question. Nostalgic elements are used in the game, which is about a rotating writer to look for the last time before being sold in his childhood home. The game, which was created after the author, Sid, who remembers the places, people and memories of the past, has traces of adventure from place to place.

It contains many things about the past:

The story of the game is based on the meeting of Sid’s friends and confrontation with his memories, when he reluctantly went to his old house at the invitation of his mother. Actors acting with Sid help the story take shape and are taken into a fun adventure with decisions that will change the flow from time to time. The game seems to be especially enjoyable for the books to be played by the relevant actors since it is the subject of an author’s story of finding inspiration.

Offering an interesting game experience on nostalgia, creativity, living the present and commemorating the passing time, ‘Forgotten Fields’ is a meditation on discontinuity and shortness of life. The promotional trailer for the limited demo version of the game that will be offered during the festival between June 9 and June 14 has already attracted attention. We will see together which games we can get new news just days ahead of the festival. You can reach the game’s Steam page here.



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