Entering the world of technology with his new initiative, Carl Pei’s first move was Essential. The unlucky brand of the Android world is starting its activities again.

Carl Pei, who left the OnePlus company he founded, founded an enterprise called Nothing and managed to get investment from giants like Google, began to take interesting steps. Essential firm is one of them, buried in darkness.

Essential reborn
Essential, the post-Google adventure of Andy Rubin, known as the father of Android; It attracted attention with the notched Android phone, but the post was a complete disappointment. When Andy Rubin’s banned affair with Google emerged over the high price tag and production troubles, Essential couldn’t go forward.

Although the company canceled its second and third generation phone projects, it had renewed hope with an interesting smartphone concept that stretched vertically. However, when this failed, the firm’s door was locked.

An application to the UK Copyright Office last month revealed that Essential firm was acquired by the Nothing initiative. In the application, it is seen that the logo of the Essential firm has also been changed.

The acquisition of Essential by Carl Pei, whose first product is expected to be a fully wireless headset and aims to establish a device ecosystem that can communicate with each other, raised questions. Experienced engineers who left the Essential firm also founded a startup called OSOM. It cannot be said that there is much left, but it is unknown what aims Carl Pei has.


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