Chris Larsen, former Ripple CEO, known as the second-richest name in the cryptocurrency market, listed the Ripple as superior to Bitcoin (BTC) and why.

Larsen also caught the coronavirus recently and won the battle with the virus. The former CEO, who started donating blood after completely recovering from the disease in April, drew attention to the need for antibodies to assist patients and to be used in some tests on new treatments.

Larsen pointed out that Bitcoin has many flaws and that it needs a tremendous amount of electricity for mining first. The energy cost of Ripple is very low. According to Larsen, Bitcoin consumes more energy than all countries.

The famous billionaire also noted that China has intensely controlled PoW mining, as of December 2019, China owns 66% of its Bitcoin production. For this reason, Larsen expressed his concerns about whether the USA can take his place in the new financial system or not.


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