Fortnite News: Best of all, they won’t cost you a single peso


Fortnite knows its players very well and knows that the members of its community are very diverse, both in way of thinking and in taste.

From time to time Epic Games adds content that provides representation to a particular sector, and this time it was the turn of those who identify with the LGBTQ + cause.

As a way to recognize them and make them feel included, Fortnite added several gifts that you can now add to your collection for completely free.

Although the famous pride month is over, Fortnite will implement the Rainbow Country event, which brings a lot of colorful gifts.

Most of the items are special sprays with the names ‘Proud Flame’, ‘Proud Star’, ‘Proud Boogie’, and ‘Proud Heart’.

Of course, the famous rainbow flag could not be left out, and to close with a flourish, it will also include a new gesture.

How to get the Fortnite pitched rainbow items?

As we mentioned before, all these rewards will be available for free and it will be enough to enter the game to get them, but they will not be forever.

The Arcoíris Campal de Fortnite objects can be obtained from today until next Tuesday, July 27 at 7 p.m., Mexico City time, so go for them.

With this event, Epic Games’ battle royale reaffirms its commitment to providing representation to the majority of its community, which this time focused on an LGBTQ + theme.

There are many rumors that speak of promising new content in Fortnite, but it is best to wait for them to officially confirm or deny their arrival.


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