Fortnite: FNCS Asia winner banned for cheating in tournament. Japanese player teamed up with another player during the solo tournament; title was given to the runner-up hours after the final.

The Fortnite Championship Series Invitational (FNCS) took place last Saturday (22) and Sunday (24), but the tournament final in Asia ended with controversy. A few hours after being crowned champion, the Japanese nickname player “Sekosama” lost the title, given later to second place “cr qjappy”. In addition, he was banned for 14 days and fined $ 15,000 ($ 82,400). The punishment came after videos on social networks pointed out that the player had teamed up with another player in the tournament that was solo, which is prohibited.

Sekosama won the tournament with 205 points, seven ahead of the runner-up. However, it was not long before videos appeared on Twitter denouncing the partnership with another user – a violation of section 8.2.2 of the FNCS rule book. According to the clips, the “partner” collected important equipment and health packs to place in hidden places. In other situations, the player would find other players and let Sekosama eliminate them in order to get extra points and reach the highest score possible.

The pair work took place several times during the 12 crashes of the final, giving the Japanese a considerable advantage. According to reports, Sekosama and the “partner” were on a call, which would have been heard by another participant. Sekosama denied all charges, saying he won the final on his own merits.

This was not the only punishment during the FNCS. In the Australian edition of the tournament, player Kai “Kquid” Eaton was banned with the ongoing dispute . The claim was that the player would have accessed his account on another PC. Kquid switched to another machine, which resulted in the punishment.

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