You can still play the Epic Games Battle Royale on your device

Apple and Google have removed from their respective stores, the App Store and Google Play the most played Battle Royale in the world, Fortnite . All this is derived from a legal dispute related to the commissions that both stores charge for the purchase of in-game content. Epic Games wanted to offer an alternative to sell their digital objects directly within the game at a lower cost, which has led to the expulsion of the popular game from the main stores.

Can I keep playing Fortnite with my iOS device?

If you already had it downloaded (version 13.4), you will be able to continue playing as long as there is no update, since these only enter through the App Store.

If I don’t have Fortnite on my iOS device, can I download it?

No, since it stopped appearing in the Apple App Store and at the moment there are no alternatives.

Can I keep playing Fortnite with my Android device?

It is a case similar to iOS devices with respect to the store, only here if there are download alternatives and therefore updates such as:

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Direct download Fortnite via Epic Games

Direct download Fortnite by AppGallery of Huawei

Direct download Fortnite by Galaxy App Store from Samsung

It is important to note that Android devices can download the store of the Chinese brand without problems and from there execute the download.


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