Deadpool will not be alone in this Epic Games Battle Royal

As we had previously mentioned, the X-Force would come to Fortnite to support Deadpool in this Battle Royale, Psylocke, Domino and Cable arrive with their respective Skin at the Fortnite store starting today April 17.

And like all good Skins, the X-Force comes with a new trailer, where they show us the new skins using different types of weapons and grenades, including Deadpool himself, who made comments through the social network Twitter.

“For the record, I didn’t ask for support. I just didn’t give my best,: / TEAMWORK! ” The Marvel character commented through his official account.

“I taught them everything they know … but don’t tell them I said that. Really.”

Deadpool who is a character included with the Fortnite season 2 episode 2 battle pass, has added a variant with the X-Force white and black suit, to which the character commented “There are so many” spots “In this suit.”

Currently season 2 of Fortnite was extended until June 4, you can buy the battle pass for 1200 PaVos to get Deadpool and the price of X-Force skins is 1500 PaVos each, however there is an offer on where we can get the 3 skins for only 3000 PaVos.


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