New leaks continue to come from Fortnite, the release date of which was postponed for the second time by Epic Games. A new skin of the game published on Twitter seems to surprise gamers.

A new look has emerged from Fortnite, and this confused PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile users. Leaks by data miners before the game’s new season and its launch are now considered normal. This leak wave also included a new encrypted look this time around. However, since it is encrypted, there is no one who knows what the appearance looks like, only the outlines can be seen a little. However, neither the leak nor the game has a new skin. The strange thing is that the outlines of the outfit don’t make sense to anyone.

As seen in the tweet, the new exterior has a very strange shape. In fact, it looks like two different views that suggest a single view with two variants. If this is the case, it is unclear why the background look has a different shape than the front view.

Whatever the case, users couldn’t understand what this new look was for. Another curious issue is; why encrypted? Because the views are usually not encrypted, which makes users think that this mysterious look is important.

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The most popular theory so far is that this is a Black Manta look. Thanks to previous leaks, the future of the Aquaman look was known, with a new water map theme.

Epic Games, the producer of Fortnite, which has managed to put its mark on the game industry in recent years, allows the game to become more contentious and entertaining by creating seasons. However, the players waiting excitedly for the new season will appear to continue waiting for a while because the release date of the new season has been delayed for the second time.

Fortnite news came to Fortnite shortly before the new season came. According to the statement made by Epic Games, Chapter 2 Season 3 will meet the players on June 11. Epic Games had to make many delays in episode 2. Epic Games, which made these delays a tradition, stated that the new season will start between April 30 and June 4 in mid-April….


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