In addition to the internal components of the Framework Laptop notebook model such as processor, memory and storage, components such as keyboard, screen, screen frame can also be changed.

Although many projects have been on the agenda so far, the portable and wearable device projects that can be separated from the components as modular have not been successful. The US Framework will allow you to upgrade your laptop in a slightly more traditional way.

What does Framework Laptop offer?
Framework Laptop model is no different from traditional laptops. It features a 13.5 inch 2256×1504 pixel resolution screen, 400 nit brightness, 15.8mm thickness, Tiger Lake based Intel processors, Intel Xe graphics, Full HD webcam and 55Wh battery.

The company made some optimizations on the motherboard and made it suitable for upgrading. Expansion ports on the sides of the laptop are connected to individual modules. Ports are diversified with different modules.

The keyboard plate is lifted to access the interior. Here, the processor, RAM, storage, connection card can be changed. On the outside, the keyboard, screen and screen frame are also interchangeable. With the QR codes on the cash register, a suitable upgrade can be found in the company’s internet store.

Framework Laptop also comes in a DIY version where the components are boxed as a set and one can customize by combining them. The product is getting ready to be released in the summer.

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