After the World Health Organization (WHO) suspended hydroxychloroquine-containing experiments used in the treatment of Corona virus infection, the French Medicines and Health Products Safety Authority also agreed to suspend the experiments and not to apply them to new patients as “precautionary purposes”.

Hydroxychloroquine is banned one after the other, published in the medical journal Lancet last Friday, which revealed that chlorocine is not “beneficial in treating Corona infection, but rather contains dangerous side effects.”

Following the announcement of the WHO’s decision, the French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products also suspended experiments in France. In the statement made by the department, it was requested that new patients should not be included in clinical studies using hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Corona virus infection. The statement stressed that the decision encompassed 16 experiments on this chemical in France.

The French High Council of Public Health (HCSP), on the other hand, asked that “hydroxychloroquine administered alone or in conjunction with an antibiotic” not be used in Corona virus treatment as well as clinical studies.

Health Minister Olivier Veran asked the Public Health High Council to see if the use of hydroxychloroquine could be suspended in France after the WHO decision.

Describing his opinion on the application of Minister Veran, HCSP asked that the drug used in the treatment of malaria be used for therapeutic purposes outside of the experiments until it is proven whether it is suitable for Corona infection treatment.

The board also advised doctors not to prescribe this drug. HSCP called for the drug not to be used, especially in patients with severe Corona. The Minister of Health, by notifying the board’s decision to all hospitals with a circular, will request that this drug not be used until experimental results are obtained.

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