Free Fire: June 2020 update has new anti-hack and character. News should arrive at Garena’s Battle Royale next Wednesday (3); game goes off the air at dawn.

Free Fire , game Battle Royale of Garena available for download on mobile phones Android and iPhone ( iOS ), receive an update on the morning of Wednesday (3). The announcement of when the June 2020 update will be made last Wednesday (27) through the game’s profile on Twitter . The game will gain a new anti-hack system, new character, PET, weapon changes and season 1 of the ranked squad against Contra Squad (CS) . Some news are already in the Advanced Server ( Advance Serve ). See below for details on the next game update.

New anti-cheat system

The main highlight of this Free Fire update is the new anti-cheat system. In the past few months, the game has been bombarded by thousands of players using third-party APKs, software and macros to take advantage of games. Therefore, Garena will add new cheat detection systems to reinforce that this objectionable practice does not occur in the game. Remember that accounts that have been suspended for using hacks will not be returned.

Weapon and accessory changes

The update also includes changes to certain weapons in the game. SKS will receive a buff in the rate of fire, armor and body penetration. SVD will also have a greater ability to damage body and penetrate armor. In turn, the M1887, also known as nova twelve, had its effective range reduced by 15% and the minimum damage -2, although hitting two sequential shots at the enemy will remain deadly. The M14 will have a longer range of damage and minimal damage.

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New character Wolfrahh

After spending a trial season on the Advanced Server, the new character Wolfrahh will also be available on Free Fire in this update. Wolfrahh is a game streamer and professional esports player . Called “Center of Attention”, the character’s ability is to decrease the damage done to the opponents ‘head region, while increasing the damage done to opponents’ arms and legs.

New Pet Hawk

The new Falcão pet ensures that your squad is the first to arrive on the Free Fire battlefield. With the ability “Flying free” the Falcon increases the speed of gliding after the jump and increases the speed of the character’s fall after opening the parachute. The novelty is that the skills of this new PET will also be applied to all members of the team.

Contra Squad Season 1

In the new update, Contra Squad mode will also receive season 1 ranked. In April 2020, Garena had already added ranked in CS mode, but it was kind of a pre-season. With the help of community feedback, several features have been added in order to improve the player experience. Season 1 will feature a new scoreboard with kills and average win, rewards, career page in the player’s profile and punishment for players who frequently abandon matches.


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