Free Fire network connection error: how to fix game crash. Problem may be related to instability in the game server or the player’s network connection.

Free Fire is a Battle Royale by Garena available for download on Android phones and iPhone ( iOS ). The online game may have network connection failures. When trying to access the lobby , the game displays the loading icon and then displays the message “Network connection error”. This problem happens due to the overload of the game servers, caused by the high number of simultaneous users. However, some “gambiarras” can help solve the bug. See below how to fix Free Fire failure.

Turn the internet router off and on again

First of all, if Free Fire presents a network connection error problem, the user must turn the Internet router off and on after one minute. Sometimes, this failure can be related to the device that transmits the connection to the mobile device. Also, try approaching the modem to prevent obstacles and walls from interfering with the Wi-Fi signal’s ability to transmit.


Another guideline is to re-login to Free Fire, especially if the game account is linked to the user’s Facebook account data . This tip was reported by players and tested during the connection error that occurred after the game update on May 7, 2020. After filling in the Facebook email and password, Free Fire did not display the charging nor the network connection error warning. Clearing the application’s cache can also help resolve the issue.

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Switch network

Garena recommends that Free Fire be played over a Wi-Fi connection. However, if the game is experiencing startup problems, it is best to replace the router’s connection with mobile data. It is worth mentioning that, before starting the game, it is necessary to check if the data plan still has data available.

How to check if Free Fire is down

In addition to Garena’s official social networks, players can also check if Free Fire is down via the DownDetector service ( The tool allows monitoring of problems and downtime in real time. To do this, just type “Free Fire” in the search field on the home page. DownDectector will report the current status of the game and also display the problem history for the past 24 hours. The website also reports the most reported problems.

Report bug to Garena

If none of the above tips worked to solve the Free Fire connection problem, the most recommended is to report the fault to Garena. The developer offers a support center ( for all players who have problems with lags, crashes, game closing or bug within matches. In the form, the players must inform the email address, nick in the game, id number, brand and model of the cell phone, as well as the description about where and how the network connection error appears.

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