The game production and development company Epic Games, known for its game series such as Gears of War and Unreal and also the producer of the game engine Unreal Engine, also has a Steam-like game platform of Valve. This platform, called the Epic Games Store, has been distributing free games daily for a few days.

Epic Games Store, which makes these games free for 24 hours; In the days we left behind, it offered some new games for free, such as the FPS game Metro 2033 and the strategy game Tropico 5. The free game covering the day from December 24, 19:00 until December 25, 19:00, was Inside.

Inside, a 2D puzzle-platform game developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms, and which is highly appreciated both with its story and atmosphere, is very similar to the Limbo game developed by Playdead from years ago.

From this link, by going to the website of Epic Games, via the button in the upper right corner; You can download the company’s application called Epic Games Store. Then, if you do not have a membership before, by creating a membership; You can add both Inside and other free games that will be given daily until January 1, permanently to your game library. The games that the company will offer for free in the coming days were not officially announced, but their list was leaked to the internet.

According to the leaked list, Epic Games will give free games in the following days: Darkest Dungeon, My Time in Portia, Night in the Woods, Stranded Deep, Solitarica, Torchlight II and Jurassic World Evolution. When looking at the pre-24 December part of this list leaked to the Internet, it is understood that the list is 100% correct.

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