The Lidl supermarket chain offered the console to celebrate the opening of the store, but they did not take into account the number of people who would congregate.

A machine that normally costs almost 300 euros falls very aggressively and the social networks echo the news. The effect, the expected one. Lidl was preparing to open his store in the French town of Orgeval after the news spread that they were going to sell the PlayStation 4 for just 95 euros, as Le Parisien reports. The opening promotion attracted many interested parties, so many that almost 500 people gathered. The store called the police, and officers dissolved the crowd with tear gas.

The events occurred last Wednesday, after the specialized website Dealabs and social networks echoed the news. Around 8:30 in the morning, the situation began to overflow, as many of the attendees realized that the supermarket was not going to open that day. And it is that some people had been queuing since 10 at night the previous day.

45 consoles for 500 people

According to one of the employees, there were only 45 consoles available. The workers, fearful of being attacked or of the premises being damaged, contacted the police to resolve the situation, so a group of about 50 gendarmes came to the scene. The agents established a security cordon, but to make it possible they used the violence and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

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Lidl has already apologized, while the offer has been canceled to prevent the problem from recurring, as the supermarket director has stated. The company has assured that the store did not make public that they were going to carry out this commercial action, but the situation got out of control when third parties broadcast it on social networks. “We believe that the security conditions are not met to keep the supermarket open. The sale of PS4 is also permanently canceled, “they explained. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused.”

Aucune communication of notre part n’a eté faite sur cette opération mais une photo personnelle a eté malencontreusement relayée à de nombreuses reprises.

Des ventes similaires avaient déjà eté mises en place sur d’autres ouvertures et s’étaient très bien déroulées (2/3).


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