The founder of BlueTwelve Studio explains what Stray’s origin was like. From working at Ubisoft to founding his independent studio. On the way to PS5, PS4 and PC.

Annapurna Interactive appeared during the presentation of PlayStation 5 to show Stray, the new title that will be released under the development of BlueTwelve Studio. The game will allow us to embody a cat through a futuristic city. How was it created?

Its managers comment on the PlayStation Blog how the title went from a gif to becoming their next project. “Several years ago, gifs were released about a game concept called HK_Project,” they say. They saw a cat roam a city, in addition to playable prototypes in which the cat leaped between platforms. It caught the attention of the internet, but the question of what it really was remained.

Having worked at Ubisoft for a long time, its original founders got together to pursue their dream of becoming independent developers. “We wanted to find an original idea, interesting enough to keep us excited throughout the years of development.”

Viv and Koola, who founded BlueTwelve Studio, continued to build the concept to the point of renting a flat together in the city of Montpellier, France; Project_HK development started. They eagerly remember their first posts on twitter, full of positive responses. “Thank you very much to all those people who sent us messages of support over the years. They gave us energy to continue striving for our idea, ”he explains.

The sacrifice materialized in April 2016, when Annapurna Interactive contacted them. “They have been tremendous support in helping us assemble an experienced team so we can realize our vision for Stray.”

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Walking inspirations

As they say, their main goal is to create a unique gaming experience like a cat. Murtaugh and Riggs, his two cats, are his main source of inspiration. “Most of the team owns a cat, allowing us to have first-hand references. Cats are so playful and adorable that they become an inexhaustible source of playable ideas, “they conclude.

Stray will hit PS5, PS4, and PC sometime in 2021.


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