Switch Pro News: MAYBE NEXT YEAR…


With so many conferences that happened during the E3 surely we all had our hopes of seeing certain games and we expected certain news that in the end did not arrive. A port of ‘Starfox Adventures’, the second part of’ L.A. Noire ‘or the return of’ El Chavo Kart ‘. We all had our own theories.

But although everyone had their own dream ads, there were also some missing ads that were more than Guajiro dreams and were in fact highly anticipated by a large number of gamers. Therefore, here we have a compilation of the games and consoles that were the great absent from E3.


Let’s start with the absence that was one of the most anticipated. For years there have been rumors of a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch and it seems that each week will be “the week” that we will finally see it announced. From reports of alliances with Samsung to details of its operation, it seems as if we already know everything about the Switch Pro except how it looks. At least at E3 this year we didn’t see him, will we see him in 2022? Does he really exist? Will we see Waluigi in Smash? Hopefully we know soon.


Activision did not participate this year in E3 so we could not know if they have another ‘Call of Duty’ prepared for us or what news will be in the future of ‘Warzone’. The worst thing about Activision’s absence is that we also didn’t hear any news of a possible continuation to Crash or a new Spyro game. All of which were best sellers for the company.

Many fans would be very happy to see something new from them. Especially since there is fear that Activision will put these sagas aside due to the success they are having with their battle royale. This fear increased after employees at Toys for Bob, the division that made the recent games for both characters, were put to work supporting ‘Warzone‘.


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