Xiaomi is a very popular brand in our country. The new move of the company, which has achieved a successful rise globally, looks crazy and interesting. According to the newly released patent images, Xiaomi can come up with a very interesting selfie camera. Xiaomi’s selfie camera design…

Xiaomi’s selfie camera design is quite amazing
As you know, technology giants are trying different designs on their phones. Among these, cameras are undoubtedly the most changed in design. The setup of the cameras, lenses, sensors, sizes and so on can vary. Since there are so many variants, almost the most popular brands have signature camera installations.

For example, sometime Pop-up, angles, camera phones had entered our lives, besides, we witnessed Flip-up, that is, rotatable camera phones, especially in Asus. These cameras, which started in the form of a current, gradually left themselves to other popular movements. Now, there is talk about under-screen camera technologies.

As we said, the camera comes across as a phone feature that has undergone a lot of design changes. Here’s the selfie camera design of Xiaomi right at the spot. The camera design, which is on our agenda with a patent leak, looks quite interesting. The patent images we’ve seen in a camera setup that divides the top of the screen and opens up show that really crazy things can happen.

We do not know how this piece, which separates from the screen for the curl movement, will look at the junction of the screen and camera. Because there may be image loss at the junction point and we do not think the company will accept this kind of thing.

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Still, there are doubts about the robustness of the mechanism in question. Of course, this may not be a patent and Xiaomi’s next camera move, but if the patent in question is true, we will have seen a very interesting design at the selfie camera point.


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