Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung’s new drama, ‘Backstreet Rookie’, has recently caused controversy among viewers in Korea to be asked to stop.

The drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’ which aired on Friday and Saturday night managed to steal the attention of the audience by achieving viewer ratings which in the first episode only gained 3.7 percent and then increased in the second episode with a rating of 6.8 percent.

But some viewers were outraged by the second episode which aired on June 20, which is precisely the scene of Jung Sae Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) who is a high school student who works part-time kissing Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) the manager where he works is 30 year.

Controversy overflowed with cameras that highlighted the chest of Sae Byul’s sister character, Eun Byul who appeared to dance at a karaoke bar with her friends wearing school uniforms.

There is also the scene in question, where Choi Dae-hyun goes to look for Sae Byul’s part-time house but accidentally enters the Officetel. The scene highlights prostitution.

Not only that, there is also a scene where Han Dal Shik (Moon Suk), a high school alumni friend of Choi Dae Hyun, who is a webtoon writer, is seen moaning explicitly without filter while drawing illustrations of a woman’s body figure.

Many netizens later protested the drama and were angry with the writing of the drama by responding, “It’s disgusting how they treat young girls as sexual objects with such cheap production. Really dirty. ” “The biggest problem is that it targets minors.” “Hul ~ the whole family? They are crazy. This is really too much ㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ. ”

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Many viewers also wrote on the SBS bulletin board asking for the drama ‘Backstreet Rookie’ to be canceled.

Have you watched the first two episodes of the drama? What do you think?


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