Bitcoin News: Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of the richest men in Mexico, makes statements full of messages of support for Bitcoin. The Mexican billionaire, who described fiat currencies as ‘fraud’, noted that he would only hold Bitcoin for the next 30 years if he had to choose.



The rich name referring to 1981 when he started his career; He said that the local currencies of other countries such as Venezuela, Argentina and Zimbabwe are constantly losing value against the US dollar.

The billionaire, who is among the 200 richest men in the world, said that his bank will start providing support for Bitcoin in Mexico, which will mark him as Mexico’s first bank to transact with Bitcoin.

“Me and my bank (Banco Azteca) are working to be the first in Mexico to accept Bitcoin,” said the Mexican billionaire. said.

In the video, Salinas explained his rationale for investing in Bitcoin, witnessing hyper-inflation firsthand, and why he thinks “fiat coins are a scam.”

The Mexican billionaire cited the limited supply of the cryptocurrency as the most important value behind his plan to invest in Bitcoin, citing this as the primary reason he held Bitcoin for 30 years.

Mexican billionaire urges investors to invest in Bitcoin

The billionaire also urged investors to buy at least a small amount for their portfolio. Salinas serves as the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas. The aforementioned company attracted attention with the purchase of $8,000 worth of BTC years ago.

Reportedly, Pliego owns 10 percent of its liquid portfolio invested in BTC.


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