Following the recent success of Oh My Girl’s comeback with their song ‘Non Stop’, various netizens’ statements circulated claiming to be classmates during Hyojung’s school.

Later netizens discussed the adorable confessions of several people who claimed to be classmates from Jiho, YooA and Hyojung who apparently liked to sleep in class.

In his post on one of the online community forums in Korea, this classmate of Jiho seems to have a good impression on member Oh My Girl.

“I’m Jiho’s middle school friend; I didn’t realize he debuted. She is known to be beautiful in school. There are children who say, ‘Even if she is considered beautiful in our school, if she appears on TV, she might look like another fish in the sea’, but I saw her on TV and she is as beautiful as before. Of course everyone knows this. He is known for appearing in films in elementary school. He danced during the school festival, and he seemed to have many talents. He is kind and just secretly hangs out with some close friends. He slept a lot during class. He doesn’t seem interested in grades. After all, he would not make a living with good grades. He is still kind. I’m glad he’s fine now, I hope he becomes more famous. ”

While YooA’s friends at school also shared their experiences while in the same room during mid-semester.

“I went to the same school as YooA and we took our midterm in the same room. I didn’t know he was a famous trainee at the time, and I saw that he filled out the answer sheet within 5 minutes and immediately went to sleep. I was like, ‘I’d better not be like him’ but actually, he did it right. His face was very small even in middle school, I remember it clearly. ”

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But it’s different from the story Hyojung told by a netizen. “During class, our teacher asked,‘ Do you want to hear stories about Hyojung Oh My Girl unnie? ’Wow, she graduated from our school. The teacher said that he [Hyojung] tried to ask to be released from additional study sessions, but when the teacher said no, he [Hyojung] went to his desk and cried kekekekeke. ”

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl has managed to secure a third win for their song ‘Non Stop’ on the music program during this comeback promotion.


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