Dua Lipa has said that her second album would never have been made if she hadn’t left social media.

Speaking to Adwoah Aboah’s Gurl’s Talk podcast, the singer revealed that “Future Nostalgia” would not have seen the light of day if she “had not stepped back” from online platforms like Twitter and Facebook while recording them.


The album was released in March this year with great success, Lipa also said that publishing the record during the pandemic crash had shown her the importance of slowing down and taking stock in everyday life.

This comes after Lipa opened up about the effects of cyberbullying, asking social media bosses to monitor their platforms “a little more closely.”

Dua Lipa no longer manages her Twitter account for her own mental health, she stated on the NME portal.

He also recently revealed his plans to start his next album while in self-isolation as the global pandemic continues.


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